Save Water, Save Money – Part 1

Drought in Texas? Who could have seen that coming? Seriously, various degrees of drought are a fact of life for those of us lucky enough to live in Texas. And while we can’t make it rain, there are sound irrigation … Read More

Brown Patch and Other Lawn Diseases

Sadly, even the healthiest lawn is not entirely immune to blight such as brown patch and other lawn diseases.  Let’s look at the cause and treatment for some of the most common of them. Brown patch becomes evident almost immediately … Read More

Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air Spring is here and the colder weather is behind us. It’s time to start up your sprinkler irrigation system.  We have put together a few important steps to help you get started and locate any … Read More

Spring In Austin!

Spring In Austin! Here’s A Few Tips To Help You Save Water, Time And Money On Costly Sprinkler Repairs As the temperatures warm in Austin we have put together a few simple tips to get your sprinkler irrigation system up … Read More

Winter Watering

Austin winters can be quite dry. During extended periods, particularly in January and February, there may be little or no rainfall. The lack of soil moisture and humidity can damage the lawns root systems unless they receive supplemental water. Affected … Read More

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