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Backflow Testing

Smart Earth Van - Answering FAQs About Backflow Prevention

Answering FAQs About Backflow Prevention

When it comes to managing your sprinkler systems and other smart irrigation systems, one aspect that you need to consider seriously is the health of your backflow prevention assembly. What Is Backflow? Backflow refers to the unwanted flow of water

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Frosty Grass - Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Winterizing Your Irrigation / Sprinkler System

We’re fortunate to have milder winters here in Texas. However, we still experience freezing temperatures that can damage an irrigation system. Freeze-proofing your system will protect it, and at the same time allow you to irrigate during the colder months.

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Backflow Testing

If you have an irrigation system in Texas, you must have a backflow prevention assembly (BPA) installed and tested annually. These assemblies prevent any backflow of contaminated water through cross connections into the drinking water supply. Backflows and Cross Connections

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Water Backflow System

Winterizing an RPZ Backflow Assembly

Although the winters in central Texas are relatively mild, the temperature does drop below 32°F. To maintain irrigation systems during these freezes, you need to winterize and protect the above ground RPZ (reduced pressure zone) backflow assemblies to prevent any

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lush lawn with sprinkler working nicely

Irrigation System Spring Tune-Up

With the warmer weather arriving, it’s time for your irrigation system spring tune-up. It’s important that your system is working properly throughout the upcoming seasons to maintain a healthy lawn, and to ensure you’re not wasting water and increasing your

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Back Flow Testing

When Should You Have Backflow Testing?

Backflow is not a positive term. It does NOT refer to the reversal of cash back into your account. It is something you don’t want to happen. Technically, backflow is the reversal of the flow of water (and other things…)

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