Sub-surface irrigation is 100% efficient because it applies water directly to the root system of the lawn.

Sub-Surface Irrigation By Smart Earth SprinklersSub-Surface Irrigation, also sometimes known as drip irrigation (not to be confused with the above-ground drip irrigation), is an underground watering system that is usually buried 2-3 inches deep. Sub-surface irrigation can be used to water large areas with very little water.

Since it is completely underground, the water is not subject to wind or sun evaporation. Sub-surface irrigation is a collection of sturdy underground water lines that have small holes which allow for a steady, controlled flow of water. The system is specially designed so the hoses do not rot or become damaged underground and the holes are designed so soil or debris do not clog the lines.


  • Zero water loss due to run off, wind or evaporation.
  • 100% efficient use of water.
  • Elimination of lawn diseases, such as fungus, caused by wet thatch from watering.


  • Lawn and Turf Areas
  • Residential or Commercial