Fixed spray heads produce an accurate, consistent, and uniform fan of water.

Spray Head Smart Earth SprinklersFixed spray heads are small sprinkler nozzles that pop up during watering times and recede afterwards. These heads distribute a fan pattern of water to the desired area, which can be customized to accommodate irregular shapes.

Spray heads are usually spaced about 4-15 feet apart. Interchangeable heads allow for angled shapes, 360 degree sprays, and specialized areas like narrow strips of grass along walkways.


  • Consistent, steady flow
  • Precise, uniform fan of water
  • Great coverage area with fewer heads
  • Less water wasted on start-up
  • Unique spray shapes or applications


  • Turf and Lawn Applications
  • Shrubs or Ground Cover Areas
  • Lawns that are small
  • Residential or Commercial Properties