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Promoting Efficient Watering Practices in Austin

Promoting Efficient Watering Practices in Austin

As Austin, Texas continues to thrive and expand, our local and state government including TCEQ have done a commendable job with water restrictions and enforcement. However, natural circumstances like the ongoing drought conditions add a layer of complexity to the

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Fall and Winter - Your Lawn Needs Water

Fall and Winter: Your Lawn Needs Water

Does My Grass Need Water During Fall & Winter? Many homeowners stop watering their lawns when the temperature falls to 60°F, thinking it’s time for the grass to go dormant for the colder months. The lawns then turn brown, not

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Sprinkler Head spraying

Why Won’t My Sprinkler Turn On?

As spring is here and summer is approaching in Austin, you have probably already started your sprinkler system. Perhaps you have already noticed that your sprinkler system isn’t turning on, or you have faulty areas on your irrigation system.  There

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Outdoor Water Saving Tips

In warmer weather we spend more time outdoors irrigating our lawns, caring for our gardens, and washing our vehicles. To help conserve water and save money when your outdoor water-usage increases, here are some tips to follow: Lawns and Plants

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Benefits of an Efficient Irrigation System

An automated irrigation system is the best way to keep your lawn and landscape looking beautiful and healthy. When well-planned, properly programmed and using the right components, a sprinkler system can be very water efficient. This can have a beneficial

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How to Replace a Sprinkler Head

If you have an automated irrigation system in your yard, you know that you sometimes have to replace sprinkler heads. Learning to identify the malfunctioning ones early will help you save money and keep your lawn healthy. Once you’ve spotted

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