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Winter Watering

winter wateringAustin winters can be quite dry. During extended periods, particularly in January and February, there may be little or no rainfall. The lack of soil moisture and humidity can damage the lawns root systems unless they receive supplemental water.

Affected grass & plants may appear normal and resume growth in the spring, only to weaken or die in late spring or early summer because the amount of new growth produced is greater than the weakened root system can support. St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses also are prone to winter damage. Newly established lawns, whether they are started with seed or sod, are especially susceptible to damage in dry weather.

Utilize the Seasonal Adjust setting on you sprinkler controller to adjust the run times for your irrigation system. You will need much less water than during Summer months. If rainfall is present you may not need to supplement. Proper scheduling and maintenance can save you hundreds of dollars in water bills and sprinkler repairs.

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