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WiFi Sprinkler Irrigation Controllers?

WiFi Sprinkler Irrigation Controller

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems have come a long way in just a short amount of time. I’m talking wireless technology. I believe this motivation came when “Nest” released the new home thermostat.  It changed the way people think about the Air condition and how much power it uses, not to mention you can control it from anywhere in the world. It wasn’t long before this technology was adapted to the sprinkler irrigation world. There has been “Smart Controllers” for quite some time, however there has never been anything so adaptive and economical. The modern Wi-Fi controller has all the same bells and whistles as older “Smart” sprinkler irrigation controllers with the added bonus of being able to operate the irrigation system from any smart phone anywhere in the world.  Another great beauty, the new smart sprinkler irrigation controllers can alert you when something is wrong. This saves time on repair and maintenance work. The sooner you know there is an issue with your irrigation system the sooner it can be repaired, this means less risk of losing your beautiful green lawn. Dare I not mention the water savings with a WiFi Irrigation controller. Most Smart Sprinkler controllers have the ability to predict future weather, creating watering thresholds. Example: If your irrigation system is scheduled to run on Thursday and there is a 90% chance of rain on Friday, the system can delay its scheduled watering. Thus potentially saving up to 50% on your water bills.  With Austin Texas being such a tech savvy city, it really is nice to see these controllers gain popularity. It’s beautiful to see the manufactures competing as if we are in a space race to design the best irrigation controller on the market.

Smart Earth Sprinklers currently sales Hunter – Hydrawise controllers.


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