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When Should You Run Your Sprinklers?

We all know that weather in Austin is very unpredictable; therefore we want to get the most out of your irrigation system. Did you know something as simple as the time of day that you water can affect your lawn? The best time to water your yard is between 2:30AM – 8:00AM. While watering your yard in the evening sounds great there is a good chance the water could turn into algae or fungus, causing brown patch and other issues.

If you water during the day you run the risk of evaporation or poor root absorption. Early morning is the best watering time for your yard and garden allowing it a chance to absorb and properly penetrate the roots? At Smart Earth Sprinklers we also recommend using multiple start times. Water more cycles with less time. This allows the water to penetrate the hard soil and reach the roots rather than run off. Example (instead of watering your lawn for 30 minutes straight try watering two cycles at 15 minutes.)

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