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When Should You Have Backflow Testing?

Backflow is not a positive term. It does NOT refer to the reversal of cash back into your account. It is something you don’t want to happen.

Technically, backflow is the reversal of the flow of water (and other things…) back into the water system. For homeowners, this can apply to irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, mop sinks, chemical storage tanks, hose bibs, dishwashers, garbage disposals, hand-held shower heads, swimming pools — anywhere where there are possible cross connections in the water system. Backflow preventers are required on all of these systems to avoid contamination to drinking water.

Back-siphonage happens when your water pressure suddenly drops, resulting in drawing contaminated water into the clean water supply. Garden hoses used to clean gutters or sewer lines can lose pressure and draw the contamination in. Toilet flush valves missing an anti-siphon device can allow odors and harmful vapors to seep into the water supply. Swimming pools can suck contaminated water back into the system.

So how can you guarantee the safety of your water supply against backflow?

Although plumbing systems are required to be fitted with a backflow preventer device and certified upon installation, many state or local laws require the regular testing of the device by a certified plumber every year. Occasionally backflow devices fail and need repairs or replacing.

A certified backflow technician will inspect the entire backflow system, including valves, vacuum breakers, and all essential components, while ensuring the pressure levels are safe.

If you have any question in your mind about your drinking water being subject to contamination, have the backflow system tested immediately.

Here at Smart Earth Backflow Testing, we offer preventers, yearly inspections, rebuild backflow, and a report to the local water purveyor. To ensure that your system is safe, contact us today.

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