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Common Summer Sprinkler Problems

During the summer time, sprinkler irrigation systems can need Repairs. There are some common sprinkler problems that will cause those needs for repair. Facing volatile weather can exacerbate some of these causes. It is best to have a licensed irrigation specialist to examine and diagnose these sprinkler system issues. Here are the most common reasons for sprinkler system problems.

Broken Sprinkler Heads
With traffic at its peak in lawns, there are many causes of broken sprinkler heads. Lawn mowers, aerators, and people frequent lawns and turf during the summer months so any of these can easily contribute to broken sprinkler heads. Broken sprinkler heads needs to be removed and replaced. Issues can arise and additional damage can take place if an inexperience person removes the broken sprinkler head incorrectly.

Broken Sprinkler Piping
Irrigation piping can break for similar reasons that sprinkler heads break. Since there is a higher possibility of drought-like conditions during summer, the ground can shift and contract causing stress on weakened piping. Landscaped areas with large rocks can create weakened areas in irrigation piping. With drought in place, infrequent but hard down pours can cause some soil to run off in landscaping which also creates areas in irrigation piping that are more at risk. Aeration services can not only damage sprinkler heads but also potentially damage shallow irrigation pipes in these conditions. When aerating, use caution around areas that may contain shallow sprinkler piping.

Stuck Sprinkler Valves
If an area or zone in the lawn’s irrigation system runs nonstop when you have the system set to off then you may have a stuck valve. Debris blocking the closing of the valve may be the cause. Also, an electrical issue may be the issue as well. There is no way to diagnose unless there is a thorough inspection of the system. Again, it is best to contact a licensed irrigaton in these situations to diagnose these malfunctions.

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