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Summer Is Right Around The Corner

Now that summer is beating on our door, we have put together a few simple steps to help conserve water while saving you money. For more effective watering, put the garden hose aside and use a MP Rotor system or drip irrigation to water your lawn. With Smart Earth System you simply set it and forget it.
Smart Earth Sprinklers Summer Watering Tips

1. Mulch, mulch, and more mulch!

It is a great idea to cover your beds with a 3” layer of mulch or other organic material such as leaves, straw or coconut fiber. The covering will help to moderate the temperature of the soil and prevent runoff and evaporation. By doing this you can prolong the time between watering.

2. Water deeply.

Less frequent, deeper watering are more effective for most plants and grass. By doing so you are creating a deeper root system. Deep root create healthier more drought tolerant plants that will not need to be watered as often

3. Use automatic irrigation systems when possible.

Large amounts of water tend to run off the soil surface rather than being absorbed into the lower layers. Water can only be absorbed into the soil so fast and for this reason it is better to water slower. A well designed Automatic system can save tons of water over garden hose watering. You can also program set durations for the landscapes needs.

4. Treat soil with water-absorbing materials.

Mixing in organic material into your soil will increase the soils absorption rate. This creates deep moist soil that the plants will be able to use in times of drought. There are many options when it comes to the material. You can use coconut coir, peat moss; old leaf material or even compost. The organic material will improve the overall structure and health of the soil.

5. Self-watering tree bags.

Self-watering tree bags are essentially water reservoir that will emit water slowly over a long period of time.  The size of the water reservoir varies with the size of the bag. By using the bag it allows you a few extra days between watering.  Depending on the time of year the water in the bag may last more than a week, however in the summer the bag may need to be refilled every few days.

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