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Let’s Start Planting! – Landscaping Tips To Save Time!

Landscaping Before AfterAfter a long, erratic winter – Spring is finally here! If you have been to Home Depot, Lowe’s and/or local nurseries lately, then you’ve probably noticed all the Austinites preparing for their DIY projects. But before you “do it yourselves” begin working on your projects, be sure to consider a few reminders and tips from Smart Earth Sprinklers:

    • Buy plants that are native to your location. Texas is hot and water restrictions get tougher and tougher by the year! Although there are a lot of visually appealing, bright colored flowers that catch your attention, they are not always the best to invest in. I took my wife to a few local nurseries and had to break her little heart with this little piece of information. While plant shopping, be sure to read about the plants you are purchasing – yes, I am referring to those little pieces of plastic stuck inside of the planters. Most people do not pay close attention to this information, but it can really help save you from having to replace plants on a constant basis.
    • Invest in perennials, it is fun to watch them grow throughout the years and come back during their seasonal prime. My wife gets emotionally attached to her plants, so perennials are a must in our home.
    • Consider your location when plant shopping. If your home faces the sun directly, consider buying plants that need a lot of sun. In our home, we have a small patch of “dirt” that gets about an hour worth of sun a day. With this information in mind, we decided to get low-maintenance plants that require almost no sun. Unfortunately, most plants that do not require a lot of sun do not bloom – but we managed to find some plants at the local nursery that are visually appealing and survive all year long with minimal maintenance. Austin has a few really good nurseries and their employees know plants! Take advantage of their plant knowledge and ask questions.
    • If you are planting trees and/or working on your lawn beds, consider drip irrigation. Drip irrigation will ensure that your plants receive the water that they need, as well as prevent over-watering. If you are working on your lawn creations in small increments, consider designing your drip irrigation system in a way that is easy to adjust. For example, at our home we are working on our garden beds slowly – as you know, the DIY projects can be pretty costly. To prevent time consuming and back breaking adjustments in the future, I designed our drip line to be easily modified once we decide to expand our beds.
  • Turn off your sprinkler systems if/when you can! One thing that Smart Earth Sprinklers loves about the Austin area is how environmentally cautious its residents are. With that being said, keep up with the weather forecasts and be pro-active. If there is a chance of rain, turn off your Sprinkler systems – rain water is great for your lawn, so there is no need to have your Sprinkler System going when it’s raining. Warning: if I drive by your home and your Sprinkler systems are going, I might just do you a favor and turn them off. Don’t worry, I will leave you my card in case you have any questions and/or need future help with your irrigation system. Just kidding – or am I?
Maintain your Sprinkler Irrigation System and prevent costly repairs by having an annual Sprinkler Repair tune-up. Sprinkler issues are not always visible to the eye and sometimes a small problem turns into an expensive one. As a Chinese Proverb once said, “Dig the well before you are thirsty.” My translation of this Chinese Proverb’s words are be pro-active and schedule your annual irrigation tune-up.
For more tips and/or any Sprinkler Repair needs, give Smart Earth Sprinklers a call and schedule your appointment. Smart Earth Sprinklers loves helping Austin residents enjoy their yard to the fullest.
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