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Spring Is In The Air

Spring Is In The Air

Spring Watering Tips Smart Earth Sprinklers

Spring is here and the colder weather is behind us. It’s time to start up your sprinkler irrigation system.  We have put together a few important steps to help you get started and locate any needed repairs. By doing regular checks to your sprinkler system you are prolonging the life of your system while saving water and money at the same time.


  1. Open the system main water supply valve “Backflow Device”.  Open valve slowly to allow pipes to fill gradually. Opening the valve quickly can cause high pressure surges that can break or crack irrigation line.
  2. Turn on the irrigation controller station by station and verify proper operation.
  3. While each station is running, take a few minutes to walk through the coverage area and make sure the station is functioning properly. Look for low pressure, large amounts of water pooling, missing sprinkler heads, sprinkler heads not working and adequate coverage.
  4. Program your irrigation controller for automatic watering. It is also a good idea to replace the back-up battery in the controller. Remember to check your current water restrictions.
  5. Locate and clean the sprinkler system weather sensor. Clean organic debris from sensor; also make sure the sensor is level. Make sure there is nothing blocking the sensor from rainfall (trees, gutters).


Remember it’s always best to hire a professional contractor. Call us today to schedule your Complete System Tune-up (512) 694-1147

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