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Signs You Need Your Sprinkler Repaired and Maintained

Signs You Need Your Sprinkler Repaired and Maintained

A broken sprinkler system can lead to problems for your landscape as well as your bank account. Failing to implement repairs when needed can lead to a significant amount of wasted water, which can become expensive. Having your sprinkler system maintained and repaired when needed you will avoid costly repairs and unnecessarily high water bills.

With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the things that you need to keep an eye out for that will tell you if your sprinkler system needs repairs. 

What are the Telltale Signs That There’s a Problem in Your System?

Uneven Watering

Uneven watering is one of the surest signs that there is something amiss with your sprinkler system. When your sprinklers are running at their full efficiency, they should not be leaving puddles of water, waterlogged sections of lawn, or some areas dry. Another sign of uneven watering is when plants and grass grow unevenly, with some becoming overly lush and dense while others become dry and sparse.


If you notice pools or puddles building up around sprinkler heads, it might be a sign that there is some kind of damage to the head that needs attention. If soggy patches or puddles are forming along lines where the PVC piping has been laid beneath the surface, then this might indicate that there is a leak in the pipes.

Uneven Water Pressure

If the water pressure is too low in some sections and/or too high in others, it could be an indication that there is a faulty valve, a blockage, or a leak somewhere in the system. Typically, blockages will lead to higher pressure in some sections and lower pressure in others, while leaks cause only lower pressure in the affected sections. 

Unexplained Water Bill Increase

If your water utility bill is suddenly very high and you cannot explain why, then this is a common sign that your system has sprung a leak. Unless there is some other rational explanation for a sudden increase in water usage, you should assume that there is a leak in your irrigation system and have it attended to. 

Strange Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your irrigation system, then that is something you should investigate. Common signs of trouble might be hissing, gurgling, or bubbling sounds ‒ particularly if these sounds are unusual and unfamiliar. Sounds like these might be indicators that there is a leak or a rupture in the system, causing water to escape into the ground.

When Do You Need a Sprinkler Head Replacement?

Aside from leaky pipes, sprinkler heads are the most commonly replaced component of any irrigation system. This is because these moving parts do a lot of work and are simultaneously exposed to being trampled on, damaged by lawnmowers, or clogged.

If your sprinkler heads need to be replaced, you’ll notice some of the following things:

They Won’t Pop Up or Retract Properly

If your sprinkler heads are the pop-up kind and they are not popping up or retracting as they should, then there might be a problem with the mechanism. If this is not replaced, then unretracted heads could suffer further damage from being exposed to gardening implements or foot traffic. Similarly, sprinkler heads that don’t pop up will not irrigate properly and cause uneven watering in sections of the landscape.

They Exhibit Uneven Spray Patterns

If you notice a sprinkler head that is exhibiting irregular or inconsistent spray patterns, then this is usually an indication of a problem with the nozzle or other internal components. While this can sometimes be fixed by unclogging it, you might find it simpler and more effective to replace the head. Irregular spray patterns can lead to uneven watering, which is detrimental to the health of your plants or lawn.

There is Visible Damage

If you notice visible damage to the sprinkler heads, then it might be a good idea to replace them. Damage could occur from the heads being trampled on or impacted by things like lawnmowers or gardening tools. Any visible cracks, breaks, missing parts, or distortions to the head should indicate that it needs replacing. Even if it appears to be working fine for now, damaged heads will inevitably start giving problems eventually. 

How Often Should I Have Sprinkler Maintenance? 

The frequency of sprinkler tune-ups depends on various factors, including the type of sprinkler system you have, the age of the system, and the specific maintenance needs of your lawn. However, as a general guideline, it’s recommended to have your sprinkler system tuned twice a year to ensure it is ready for spring, and prepared for the winter.

In Austin, Texas, where the weather can be hot and dry, your sprinkler system may experience more wear and tear, especially during the peak watering seasons. Therefore, some homeowners opt for two tune-ups per year to ensure their system remains in optimal condition.

Seasonal changes: If you have a sprinkler system that’s used extensively during the warmer months (spring and summer) and less during the cooler months (fall and winter), it’s a good idea to schedule tune-ups before and after the peak watering season.

Water source quality: If your sprinkler system uses well water or water with high mineral content, you may need more frequent tune-ups to prevent clogging and damage from mineral buildup.

System age: Older sprinkler systems may require more regular maintenance to ensure they function correctly. If you need a new sprinkler system or new parts this should be done during the colder months so that you are set up for the spring time. 

Landscaping changes: If you’ve made significant changes to your landscaping or added new plants, it’s essential to adjust your sprinkler system accordingly and possibly get a tune-up to ensure proper coverage.

Regular inspection: Even if you have bi-annual tune-ups, it’s a good practice to inspect your sprinkler system periodically throughout the year to identify and address any issues promptly.

If your irrigation system is acting up and you suspect you might be in need of sprinkler system repairs, contact the experts at Smart Earth Sprinklers now! We can ensure maximum irrigation system efficiency by identifying and repairing problems big or small. 

Our team is now providing sprinkler maintenance plans for our customers. Sign up for our Aqua Advantage Club to have efficiently working systems all year round, call us at 512-694-1147.

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