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Don’t let the hot Texas summer heat stop you from enjoying your patio anymore!

Cool it off with our patio misting system, which can lower the temperature on your patio by 20-30 degrees.

When it comes to keeping cool and enjoying the outdoors at home in Texas, a patio misting system from Smart Earth Sprinklers is a must have.  Smart Earth’s Misting System reduces the heat outside with fog made from water, which is sprayed along with forced air into your outdoor area. The temperature can drop from 20 to 30 degrees, even in humid areas!  There is often a misconception that the mist from these systems gets you wet in order to keep you cool. But in actuality, the temperature is lowered because an exchange of heat takes place between the evaporating fog and the outside air.  We install high quality stainless steel and nylon high pressure cooling systems.

Smart Earth Sprinklers can design and install the perfect misting system for any backyard, great for various outdoor cooling areas:

Patios  |  Pool Areas  |  BBQ Pits  |  Decks and Docks  |  Water Features

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