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No more lugging around that heavy hose with a well designed sprinkler system.

Save time, money and water with our sprinkler irrigation system that waters your landscape with more precision and efficiency than the old fashion hand watering.

Automatic Sprinkler System Installation

With our state-of-the-art sprinkler irrigation system and a proper design, you have the ability to manage exactly how much water is applied to your landscape so that each area gets just the right amount which leads to a more productive and healthier landscape. The ideal system has very minimal overspray, however designing an irrigation system can be intimidating and complex.  That is why we recommend leaving the design of your sprinkler system to professionals like us.

In addition, we keep your property looking great while conserving water.

Adding an entirely new sprinkler system
Adding new zones to an existing system
Modifying systems for landscape or renovations
Overhauling an existing system
Pool reworks
Smart Earth Sprinkler System Design

At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we have as much pride in our work as you have in your home.

That is why our sprinkler system installations begin with EXPERT PLANNING.  We respect your property and work carefully when it comes to digging, running lines, and setting sprinklers on your premises.

Our goal is to make the design and installation process easier for you and to help you understand how the complete system works.