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Save Water and Money With Rain and Freeze Sensors

Save Water and Money With Rain and Freeze Sensors

When it comes to irrigation, saving money and water in any way possible is always a welcome advantage. At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we aim to deliver irrigation services in Austin along with rain sensors, irrigation sensors and sprinkler sensors that give you peace of mind that your plants and lawn will be cared for in the best way while offering you affordability and reliability. 

Rain and freeze sensors are a fantastic addition to your irrigation system. With the ability to be added to any existing sprinkler system, rain and freeze sensors are a great option, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current sprinkler system or are interested in a new, cost-effective, water-wise irrigation option. According to the city of Austin and TCEQ, sensors are required on all systems.  

What Is A Rain and Freeze Sensor?

Rain and freeze sensors are well named in that their purpose is precisely that ‒ they detect rain and freezing temperatures. Rain and freeze sensors are added to the sprinkler system, typically as an above-ground component of the system. Often, the sensor is a wireless device that is mounted to the home or building in a place where it will not be blocked by trees, foliage or any other obstructions in an area where the sensor has access to an unaltered, uninterrupted representation of the outside environment, temperature and weather conditions.  

The sensor helps control when the sprinkler system is turned on, ensuring it doesn’t switch on when it’s raining or too wet out or in weather that would cause the water to freeze. This means water isn’t wanted, and plants aren’t overwatered or damaged by being watered in the wrong conditions.

How Do Rain and Freeze Sensors Work?

The way each rain and freeze sensor works depends on the individual sensor, brand and model. Typically, they work by interrupting the sprinkler or irrigation system’s watering routine or cycle during periods of rainfall, low temperature and other conditions. Usually, the sensor will detect the presence of rain, sleet or even too much moisture in the air and environment. The sensor then acts as a switch, breaking the circuit to the valves on the irrigation system and preventing it from turning on and preventing the plants from being unnecessarily watered. The sensor keeps the system switched off until the water or rain has dried off sufficiently. 

Once dry, the switch will close once again and allow for the normal operation of the sprinkler system. Sensors that detect temperature work similarly, sensing when the environment is too hot or cold for watering which would result in frost damage to the plants or the water evaporating or even burning the plants should they be watered, keeping the system switched off until the right temperature and environmental conditions have been reached.

What Are The Benefits of Rain and Freeze Sensors?

Sprinkler systems are a good way to ensure your plants are watered on the right schedule, but they don’t account for circumstances in which you wouldn’t want them watered. A rain and freeze sensor can be beneficial for many reasons:

  • They save you money by preventing the cycle when plants have already been watered naturally by rain;
  • They prevent damage to plants caused by overwatering or watering in the wrong temperatures;
  • They can be added to existing sprinkler systems for better performance with minimal additional investment;
  • Pays for itself in water in three months’ time on a wet year, and
  • Required by TCEQ irrigation code in all sprinkler systems.

Smart Earth Sprinklers: World-class Irrigation Sensors and Sprinkler Repair in Austin

At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we are a family-owned and operated business offering the best sprinklers, irrigation sensors in Austin. As a family-owned business, we take a hands-on approach to every client. Maintaining close relationships and personal interest in each of our clients, we have their best interests in mind at all times. 

We aim to deliver only the best sprinkler and irrigation systems, offering rain and freeze sensors to ensure that our clients’ systems run at peak performance at all times while saving them money and water. With a Smart Earth Sprinklers irrigation system complete with a rain and freeze sensor, our clients can rest assured that their plants as well as their budgets will be properly cared for. 

Looking to add a sensor to your existing irrigation system to help save water and money? Get in touch with the Smart Earth Sprinklers licensed irrigators at 512-694-1147 or contact us online for your rain sensors, irrigation repair and maintenance sprinkler repair in Austin and any other irrigation needs. 

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