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It’s Time To Winterize

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Should you Winterize Sprinkler Systems?

Although we do not get many hard freezes in Austin, it does happen from time to time. Protect your sprinkler irrigation system, as well as prevent hundreds of dollars in Sprinkler Repair by having your system winterized. Austinites are fortunate enough not to have to take extreme measures as our friends up North do, but we do need to ensure our system is ready in the event of a freeze. Smart Earth Sprinklers can help you drain as much water as possible out of your irrigation system, as well as make sure it is properly insulated.



Our Winterization service includes the following:

Drainage of all Sprinkler Lines

Closure of the Master Valve

Preparation and Drainage of the Backflow Device

Release of Backpressure on Irrigation System

Ensure Proper Insulation of Backflow Device


In addition, Smart Earth Sprinklers sells Backflow Blankets for above ground backflow devices.


Taking the time to have your system Winterized now, can help save you money on sprinkler repair in the event of a freeze. Winter Prevention can allow you to spend your hard earned money on other home lawn improvement ideas this Spring. Call us today to schedule your Winterization appointment.

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