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Avoid Costly Sprinkler Repairs

It’s getting closer to fall and your sprinkler irrigation system still needs attention. Consider some of our tips and advice to help maintain your sprinkler irrigation system and avoid Repair in the future.

Most sprinkler irrigation systems come on early in the morning making it almost impossible to detect an issue. Usually, we notice the issue once our water bill has gone up.  It’s a good idea to do a basic run through of your sprinkler system once a month. You can simply turn the sprinkler system on for a couple of minutes in each zone and do a basic walkthrough. This little step can catch minor issues before they get out of hand.

We know some sprinkler repairs can be really tough. However, most homeowners can replace sprinkler heads. If you feel comfortable replacing a sprinkler head, just make sure any parts you replace are the exact same as the old parts (Nozzle Pattern). Using the wrong sprinkler head or sprinkler nozzle will drastically affect the coverage of you irrigation system and cause brown spots in your lawn. For larger sprinkler repairs involving control valves, wiring, controllers and leaks we recommend leaving that to a professional like Smart Earth Sprinklers.

If you feel your sprinkler system is in need of professional service, give Smart Earth Sprinklers of Austin TX a call.  Serving Austin Texas and surrounding communities.

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