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Austin, Texas is infamous for its’ hot summers. A backyard pool sounds like the perfect ingredient to add to a nice, hot summer day. However, if you’re looking into turning your yard into an Austin oasis, there are a few things to consider. Although a pool contractor should inform you of all the possible scenarios that could happen while installing your new pool, consider the following recommendations prior to perfecting your back yard.

Maintenance Considerations

Beautiful plants and trees are not only aesthetically pleasing; they provide privacy around a swimming pool. However, locating your pool around large, deciduous trees will require extra maintenance. For example, fishing leaves out of your new pool. Trees with evasive root systems may not only wreak havoc on a pool, they can cause damage to your irrigation system.  In addition, excessive roots can cause sprinkler repairs to be much more difficult and costly. A good alternative is a broadleaf evergreen, such as a holly. You will also want to avoid flowers and trees that can be very messy and attract bees, such as fruit trees and rose bushes.

Know Before You Dig

Before you begin your pool project, there are a few facts to consider that a contractor may have not mentioned. For example, some contractors will cap off sprinkler irrigation lines when they begin construction on a new pool. Other contractors cut irrigation lines when they do the excavation for the pool. We recommend capping any irrigation line that shows up during the excavation phase because it may cause leaks within your new pool. Unfortunately, this is a very common incident that occurs while installing a pool. At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we believe irrigation plays a huge part in the construction of a new pool.  It is highly recommended to have a licensed irrigator come to your house prior to any excavation. A licensed irrigator will assist in locating main water lines and valves prior to any wire destruction. This small step can save thousands of dollars in sprinkler repairs once a pool is completed. At Smart Earth Sprinklers, we can help provide home owners with a map of their yard, including valve and water zone location.  This information can help a home owner know the functions of their irrigation system and the area that each water zone is reaching within their yard. Skipping this step may result in a pool contractor cutting irrigation wiring. Once this is done, there is no way to track the main line or locate the valves. In addition, we recommend having a diagram of your initial irrigation system installation. A diagram can help save time and money on future sprinkler repairs.

Once you have considered the following information, you are ready to begin your pool installation. Before you know it, you will be enjoying the Texas summer in your new pool. If you have any questions regarding pool re-works, feel free to call one of our licensed irrigation specialists. We are Austin’s choice for Sprinkler Repair!


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