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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Irrigation Controllers to Wifi

You want to save money and reduce your impact on the environment. So your irrigation system should be that smart, too.

The main reasons to invest in a smart irrigation controller are, obviously, the cost savings and saving precious water resources. It is also incredibly handy to be able to track and control your watering from almost anywhere with your smart device.

Here are some other reasons.


You will program your smart irrigation by answering a number of questions and let it go from there. The smart system will determine watering based on local water regulations, weather, climate, and plant and soil types.

Your smart system will be able to decide how much water is needed, and when. If it rains heavily, the system may skip watering for that day. This type of lawn engineering can save up to 50% in watering costs.

2. Scheduling

You can program your watering schedule into your smart system. If your area is under water restrictions, you can disable the schedule or enter the watering days into the program.

You begin by setting the system to water for the amount of time you would want to water on a hot day. The system will incorporate local weather data to reduce the watering time if needed, which adds up to savings for the environment and your water bill.

3. Avoid Overwatering

There are a number of ways a smart irrigation systems prevents overwatering. First, it will take into account the temperature and rainfall. Also, the system will have a delay between watering zones. This prevents overwatering, flooding, and pooling, especially if the drainage is poor.

4. Flexibility

The nice part is, you can control many systems from anywhere in the world by opening an app on your phone. You can set your lawn watering schedule, days, and zones, or manually start and stop the sprinklers from your device.

5. Integration

Smart irrigation systems will integrate with many pre-existing smart systems like Alexa, Nest, Wink, or other smart system.

The most environmentally-friendly, cost effective decision you can make for your lawn and landscaping is to upgrade to a smart irrigation control system.

Smart Earth Sprinklers would like to help you start saving today with tips and advice from our expert team. For a quote on getting your sprinkler system upgraded or installed, call us at (512) 694-1147.

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